Oops… He really did it again!

Last night, I’m on Lake Shore driving home and the car next to me is blasting Britney Spears.  I’m talking vibrate my car, blasting.  Not one of her new songs.  (She just tried to have a come back, didn’t she?)  No, this was old-school Britney.  Even though I had my radio on, all I can hear is “Oops, I did it again.  I played with your heart.  Got lost in the game.  Oh baby, baby…”

So I look over to see what sad sort of person is trapped a decade behind the rest of us… Seriously, it was a middle aged, balding man in a suit.  He shouldn’t have been listening to that when it was popular, much less now! 

Poor thing, let’s hope someone gifts him with some better music and a miracle ear so he doesn’t have to play it so loud.


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