Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts… 1 Cor. 14:1

1 Corinthians 13 is well known as the Bible’s “Love chapter”.  It tells us what love is ~ patient, kind ~ what love is not ~ rude, proud, self seeking ~ what love looks like and doesn’t look like, and how without love we can end up as nothing more than a resounding gong or clanging symbol… fabulous.

So recently I’ve been studying chapter 13, not because I’m in love, well except for a maddening love for Jesus.  I’ve been driven there because of some other relationships, my roommates, the crazy Indian lady across the street, my kids at church.  What struck me, however, was actually chapter 14, verse 1… “Follow the way of love…” 

I have a feeling deep inside that following the way of love looks much different than we think it does.  I’ve known chapter 13 probably forever.  We have a nice image of love, but there’s some hard stuff in chapter 13, especially when I consider how much that lady across the street riles me up.  But Jesus loves her as much as he loves me…

But I think I read somewhere that God is love, so following the way of love is actually following the way of God and if we are created in God’s image and he is love then we are created in the very image of love, so maybe we just have to allow him to get everything else out of the way so the love can come to the surface… or something like that.  (Hmm, I’ve somehow turned this into one of those “If A = B and B = C does A = C” things from algebra.  Sorry.)

Back to the point at hand, follow the way of love.  You know, I find that most things end up looking a lot different than I expect.  I’m sure the way of love is no different.  Perhaps it’s time to discover that way more intimately…


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