Occasionally I check Facebook during lunch.  I don’t really update myself too much, I mainly use it to check out what my friends are up to, which is what makes Facebook kind of creepy to me.  It’s turning us into a nation of stalkers and voyeurs. 

So anyway, today I had a friend request from a person from my past, a person I was never very fond of, to put it nicely.  I don’t even know the last time I spoke to this person, since I have avoided him/her like the plague since high school.  I’ve already ignored friend requests (yes, plural) from this person and yet, he/she continues to request my friendship.  We aren’t friends, never have been, so the only reason to be my friend on Facebook is to know what I’m doing.  Troubling. 

It’s interesting how this internet social networking phenomenon is redefining our views of such integral parts of life, like friendship. 

Let’s be friends… no relationship required.


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