Those two words never go well together.  Today the University of Chicago Medical Center cut 450 jobs, one of which was my office mate.  Which leaves me as the lone person in a four person suite.  This will be interesting… or lonely.  At least now I have sole control over the temperature and music selections and there won’t be any cigarette smoke lingering.  Although, now I do feel badly for complaining about all of the above. 

We had one girl from our department let go.  (My office mate did not work in my department.)  We’re a pretty close group of ladies here in the CRSO, so it was tough to watch her pack up her things. 

We had been told repeatedly that we were insulated from the impending lay offs because we recently had two people quit (the other two from my suite of four) and they weren’t replaced, so we were beyond the 10% cut they were asking everyone to make.  But at the last minute, the powers-that-be changed their minds.  It’s kinda like the flu.  You think the flu shot protects you, but really, it doesn’t.

I’ve had Philipians 4:6 “Be anxious for nothing” scrolling through my head all day, but really I just want to tell the dean, the board, the economic whoevers to just leave us alone, lay off.


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