I will never eat McDonald’s again…

At least not for a really long time… groan

Last night the choir sang at Moody’s Founder’s Week, which has been really excellent by the way.  So I went to support my lovely roomies and the rest of the choir and of course, to praise Jesus.  Loved the speaker, Billy Kim, of South Korea.  But by time it was over, we were all starved.  So we made the fateful decision to stop at (insert Jaws theme music here) MCDONALDS!!!

I got a chicken nuggets happy meal, which did not make me very happy.  I woke up this morning and felt like my body had been on a McD’s raid all night.  Oh the horror!  Heartburn, weird mouth film, nausea… I couldn’t eat breakfast and I’ve been popping Tums all day.  Then my lovely coworker Cathleen was kind enough to share with me how their nuggets are actually some kind of pink liquid squeezed out of a bag and then formed and battered and fried… all together now, GROSS!!!  I’ve been sick all day.  Seriously, I don’t know when, if ever, I’ll be able to eat McDonald’s again.  Certainly not at 10pm. 

And I didn’t even get a cool toy.


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