Wheat Bread

I took another shot at wheat bread. It was gag-nasty. Amanda ate some of it, said it tasted like beer, and tried her best to make me feel better about it, but it was really terrible. It never rose properly and was really dark and had a nasty sour taste to it. The yeast was fine, butter was fine, milk was fine, flour was fine… all together, so not fine. The only thing we can figure is that the oats caused some trouble. I tried to add some oats to the whole wheat recipe I used last time. I figured the apple-cinnamon-granola bread turned out fine with oats instead of granola, so why not just add some oats to the whole wheat recipe. Bad idea.
I think next time I’m going to take the white recipe that worked so well and substitute some wheat flour in place of some of the white flour. Maybe that will work. If not, we could always use a few extra doorstops, I guess.

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