February 7

I am officially a Burdashaw again!
Again, you ask? When was I not a Burdashaw, you ponder? Well, let me explain… Quite a while ago, I was stopped for talking on my cell phone while driving. When the officer took my license, he noticed it was still a TN license (bright fellow). After playing a wonderful round of 20 questions, he determined that I am in fact an IL resident and gave me quite a lecture on the 60 day window to surrender your out of state license. Since I had been here about 2 years at that point, I was given a court date instead of just a citation and was instructed to get an IL license before the court date. Being the good citizen that I am, I went straight away to take care of it. I didn’t notice for several weeks, and it may have actually been Ashley or Amanda who noticed, that they spelled my name wrong. They made me “Becky Burdshaw”. It doesn’t even look right! Well, I registered to vote at the same time, so sure enough, my voter card has “Becky Burdshaw”. I had to do some training for work and they needed a copy of my license. That’s right, all the documentation came back “Burdshaw”. I even had to fly as “Burdshaw”. How terrible!
For the last four months I’ve lived as Becky Burdshaw, well no longer…
I haven’t been feeling well and I had a dentist appointment, so I took a sick day and decided it would be wisdom to get this fixed today since they have such accomodating hours. So, praise the Lord, I am officially a Burdashaw again! License, voter card, maybe I can get those work documents fixed now…

One thought on “February 7

  1. SO GLAD TO SE YOU HAVE UPDATED!!!!!! I have to say my Dad and I were having a similar discussion today about my liscence. Do I renew it Illinois on Friday (my bday) or get a new one in Indiana or just wai till NY?!

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