December 3

My desk looked dead and boring, so a while ago I bought one of those little bamboo plants that’s not really bamboo at all. I bought it at Jewel for a dollar. I was very proud of my little non-bamboo; I named him Bamm-Bamm. Well, today I realized I have been a terrible mother. I thought the little stick in the pot that tells you what to do with it said it needed little water and little in-direct light, so he’s been on my dimly lit desk and I’ve watered him about once a week. Today he looks terrible and sickly. The stalks are wrinkly and turning yellow, some of the leaves have turned yellow… he looks so sad. So, off to the internet I go, looking for info. Apparently these things need lots of water. They can actually grow in just water, with no soil. I’ve been starving the poor thing; he’s completely dehydrated! One website I looked at said that by time they turn yellow, there is usually nothing you can do for them, they’re just too far gone. Please join me in prayer for little Bamm-Bamm, as I am believing for a full and complete recovery despite my failure as a mother!


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