To-Do List

I came across this blog the other day – Apparently this woman has nothing better to do than analyze people’s to-do lists and compile them into a book. Some of the lists are quite interesting. There’s one from a Christian guy “110 things to do before I die”. A woman’s list from when she was 12 of what she wanted in a husband – that one was pretty funny. Got me thinking…

I’m a list maker. I make lists of things I need to do, should do, would like to do. I even make lists of lists (that makes sense in my head, promise!). I prefer my lists to be on post-its so I can stick them everywhere. I also like that the walls of my cube are that stuff you can thumb tack onto, so I have lists tacked all over the walls of my cube. It’s much more exciting and efficient than when I had real walls!

Most of my lists are rather mundane – errands to run, patients to contact, work stuff to follow-up on, groceries I would like to buy but probably won’t make it to the store for, you know – everyday life stuff. Here lately though I’ve been making a mental list that I decided to write down after looking at this blog.

Things to do before I get married (if not before marriage, definitely before kids):

  • Tour Italy with Mama
  • Memorize Proverbs 31 and Psalm 119
  • Learn to sew
  • Make a quilt or afghan (or both!)
  • Spend a year in another country
  • Learn another language (see above)
  • Publish something
  • Compete in some sort of race
  • Learn to make a fabulous flaky pie crust from scratch, even if I only do it once
  • Learn to bake bread from scratch, even if I only do it once
  • Go fishing, maybe deep sea fishing
  • Parasail
  • Grow a garden

I guess we’ll see how far I get. At the looks of things, I’ll have time to get through quite a few of these…


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