Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Well, it has been quite a day! One of the most eventful birthdays I have had in quite a while…
(Turning 24 at 9:29 am)

It actually started yesterday. I am really blessed with some wonderful coworkers. At our office meeting, they brought a colossal chocolate cake and a card, signed by Rod of course!

(What’s left of the Colossal Chocolate Cake)

Then this morning, at the other office I work in, they brought me a birthday bear and balloon ~ I do love a good mylar balloon…

(Linda with Bob the Birthday Bear. You can’t see it, but the balloon is attached to Bob’s head!)

Tonight, Ashley and Amanda took me to dinner at Artopolis in Greektown…

And they gave me the most exciting present – a gift certificate to do one of those cooking class/demonstration things and an apron to wear when I go! Oh, and another balloon! They did a really great job.
Of course there were the wonderful cards (and checks!), emails, e-cards, phone calls, texts, and facebook messages from people I couldn’t be with. I felt especially loved and blessed today. Thank you to everyone!
Happy birthday to me!

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